Good Morning! This is just the first week of school and I can tell you that I am already excited for this upcoming year.  I can tell I got lucky with my class. :) This week we've started our poetry unit and we've really jumped in.  On Friday, I'll introduce the unit project, which will be the PSA project.  A PSA is a public service announcement that is meant to make a statement and to promote change for the better.  Through reading a poem, I want YOUR students to use their brilliant minds to create a PSA about dreams and why it is important to always strive for success.  These PSAs won't be due until the VERY end of the unit, BUT they take a lot of time, so I am introducing it to them early this way that have plenty of time to perfect their masterpiece.  I chose Shakespeare's picture to include with my blog today, because his work always has an underlying meaning and never fails to move me.  I want this to be the driving force in our class this week and I want everyone to work hard! I appreciate all you and your students to do make this classroom run as smoothly as it does!

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